Jul 16, 2017: MBA Executive, Guest Speak Session, Mr. Nader Nanjiani, Director of Marketing, Harman, TX, USA

Mr. Nader Nanjiani, graduate of class of 1991, visited the IBA on July 16, 2017 and addressed the MBA Executive class of Marketing Management and MBA class of B2B Marketing on Innovative Marketing. Mr. Nanjiani is the Marketing Director for Internet of Things (IoT) at Harman International – a Samsung Company - which is global leader in connected car technology, lifestyle audio, engineering services, design and analytics. Nader works in the Dallas area.

During the session, Mr. Nader shared his rich experience with the participants. At the end of the program, Mr Munawar, Program Manager, along with Mr. Najeeb Agrawalla, Visiting Faculty and CEO of 1link (Guarantee) Limited presented the souvenir to Mr. Nader and thanked him for visiting IBA.

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