Mr. Fahim Akhtar, CEO and Founder, Invest Beyond Borders Pakistan

Mr. Fahim Akhtar, CEO and founder, Invest Beyond Borders Pakistan, visited IBA on Feb 22 and addressed to the MBA Executive Participants. He was invited in the class of Business Finance II. He shared knowledge of capital market with the participants and clarified the myths in operating at stck market. Mainly following were the important discussion points during his presentation:

- Perception about Stock Markets
- How stock market play role in the economy
- How to invest money in stocks
- Difference between Mutual Funds - Investment and Stock Exchange Investment
- How stock market gains

In the question/answer part the participants sought guidance and clarifications and Mr. Fahim gladly provided his imput. Later on, he joined business lunch and socialized with the participants. We are thankful to Mr. Aftab Zedie, MBA Executive Participant, for inviting the respected CEO.