Mr. Majyed Aziz, Ex President, Karachi Chambers of Commerce

Mr. Majyed Aziz delivered Guest Speaker session in MBA Executive Program on February 7, 2015.Mr. Aziz is Ex President, Karachi Chambers of Commerce and Industry and an Entrepreneur, He is the former President of the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (2006-2007).He was twice the Chairman of SITE Association of Industry, Karachi, which represents 3000+ industries in SITE, Karachi and today contributed 25% of revenue of the National Exchequer. He was the longest serving Chairman of the government-owned SME Bank Ltd and is at present the Member of the Board of Directors of the government-owned Zarai Taraqiati Bank Ltd (erstwhile Agriculture Development Bank Ltd). [3] He always raised his voice for traders since businesses in Karachi due to criminal gangs many are relocating their families to escape of insecurity. Executive-IBA/708670925859000?ref=hl