Mr. Munawar Hameed 'Career Opportunities in Oman' - July 5, 2015

On July 5, 2015, Mr. Munawar Hameed, Head of Marketing & Public Relations, Oman College of Management & Technology visited the IBA and addressed Executive MBA Participants of Supply Chain Management Course. He informed the participants about career opportunities in Oman, Job Searching techniques, Culture of Oman and other relevant and necessary information. He emphasized that 4Ds of Shaikh Khalfan Al-Essry i.e. Desire, Decision, Direction and Discipline are necessary to gain success. He further briefed critical techniques of giving interview, process to apply, documentation requirement etc. The participants took keen interest and 45 minutes scheduled session lasted for 60 minutes. We are thankful to Mr. Munawar to share valuable knowledge with the participants.

The presentation can be seen at MBA Executive Website on the following link http://MBA

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