Networking Lunch

Due to quality efforts of our team of MBA (Executive)- CRs the Networking Lunch of May 24th was a great success. The main purpose of the event was to provide an opportunity of interaction between different batches thereby knowing each other in a relaxed environment. The attendance in the event was very high and the Participants took keen interest throughout the event. We are particularly thankful to Mr. Yaseen Ahmed Meenai, Faculty Member IBA who facilitated this event and engaged all the participants in a very interesting activity. The more pictures of event can be seen at our facebook page.

Further, we sincerely thank and appreciate the cooperation of Ms. Fatima Attarwalla, CR of MBA (Executive) - 4 (Sec. I), Mr. Irfan Iqbal, CR of MBA (Executive) - 6 and Mr. Fahahd Subswari CR of MBA (Executive) - 2 for their efforts to communicate and motivate the participants of their respective batches to attend the event. Our next networking lunch is scheduled on May 31 for the calsses of MBA (Executive) - 4 (Sec.-II) and MBA (Executive) - 5 (Sec - I & II). (Executive)-IBA/708670925859000?ref=hl