February 26, 2017: MBA Executive Guest Speaker Session

Mr. Viqar Hussain, recently appointed CEO at Grand Leisure Corporation and Group Director Finance at Arfeen International is an MBA Executive from IBA. Mr. Viqar belongs to the class of 2016. He gives full credit to the IBA for achieving the highest position in the organization.

On Feb 26, 2017, he was invited in our Refresher Program to share his experience with the candidates who are preparing for the test scheduled on March 26, 2017. He emphasized on unwavering resolve and humility which are the essential qualities for anyone who has inspiration to move on upper ladder in the career. He further, stressed the candidates to work hard and take all necessary measures to join the MBA Executive from IBA.

It was a good interactive session. We are thankful to Mr. Viqar for visiting and sparing time. Please visit our fb page to view more pictures.


Muhammad Munawar
Program Manager