Mr. Jami, Oscar Nominated Film Director, Sept 19, 2015'

Jami (Jamshed Mahmood Raza) the acclaimed director of movies "Operation 021" and "Moor" on invite of Executive MBA IMC (Integrated Marketing Communication) class visited IBA on September 19, 2015 to address a energetic crowd which comprised both of MBA Executive and BBA students mentored by Dr Muhammad Imran. Moor (which means MOTHER) will have its international premiere at the Busan Intl. Film Festival in October.

Jami talked about his life's journey from being a student with no direction to becoming one of the most demanded music video directors to now the director behind Pakistan's entry in "Best Foreign Film Award" in the prestigious 88th Academy Awards (Oscars). He intrigued the students by letting them know the harsh realities behind the glamour and how the economics of movie industry move.

MBA Executive Program Management is thankful to Mr. Saquib Baqai, MBA Executive Participant, to arrange the visit of Jami and sharing practical knowledge with the participants.

More pictures of the session can be viewed at our fb page. Executive-IBA-708670925859000/timeline/