Kindly see following guidelines for the project topic proposal and completion.

Step I: Please identify at least three untapped opportunities or unresolved business issues preferably of your own organization. These should be substantive in terms of their effect and utility.

Step II: Develop a brief note on each proposal, narrating and describing them along with justification for their inclusion in the list. You can email these proposals to us.

Step III: An IBA committee will examine each proposal and select one that merits detailed study as a Research project. Based on this you have to develop plan of action and then proceed accordingly for completion.

Step IV: The project/ Research Report in its final shape should be submitted in program office.  A high level committee at IBA will evaluate and grade them. Need be they can invite the concerned participant for discussion.

Project Report:


You would appreciate that a quality Research Report / Project demands a focused and thorough approach towards the issue and therefore, effective planning should be in place much before you enter into the detailed study.

Referencing is an important part of Research Projects of MBA Executive. Copying of material by another author without proper citation or without required permissions is plagiarism; guidelines of referencing style have been attached with this email. Please ensure to submit your project reports following referencing style. In literature review citation is must with each paragraph.

 After initial evaluation of your project report by program office, presentation date will be assigned to you. Grade will be assigned after presentation before IBA panel.


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